Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm back!

I'm back! Although I don't know until when... hehehe...

By the way, I've decided to change my blog name. "Offshore and beyond" is way too serious. It sounds as if I will talk about the offshore banking industry here in my blog. I've made a list of possible blog names and here they are:

  • The Other Guy
  • Torn Between Three Lovers
  • The Loner
  • The Good Son
  • The Confused Bachelor
  • Goodbye Abs, Hello Belly!

Intriguing choice of possible blog names. But I decided to go with "Goodbye Abs, Hello Belly!." What's with the name? It sounds fun isn't it? It's so random I feel I could talk about random things here in my blog.

I don't and I didn't have a six-pack abs just to clarify things and to lower down your expectations. However, on a recent beach trip with friends, they did notice two packs and a flat tummy (thanks to my daily routine of crunches). My friends would always remind me of my two packs whenever they see me overindulge to food to which I answer "Goodbye Abs, Hello Belly!."

So there you go! A fresh start for me and I hope life will be good to me this 2011 so that I would only post good things in this blog.