Friday, October 18, 2013

Earthquake memories

October 8, 2004

I slept early that night in preparation for the CPA board exam the following day. The folding bed I was sleeping in was just right next to the plywood wall which separated my small room to our sari-sari store.  Picture frames of our graduation pictures were hung on that wall. I didn't know exactly what the time was, but I was awakened by one of the picture frame falling on my foot. I didn't bother  and went back to sleep. The following morning, my mom told me that there was an earthquake the night before. I thanked God that nothing bad happened and at the same time, I prayed for guidance and wisdom for the most important exam in my life that I was about to take that day.

Sometime in year 2000

We were having our Ecoscience class at the 5th floor of the oldest building in our university when we  felt that the building was shaking. I guess we felt it the most since we were in the topmost floor. The earthquake only lasted for five seconds but the fear of being in an old building that we thought might collapse anytime took over me, my classmates and our professor, Mrs. Plaza. I remember after that event, Mrs. Plaza, who was a known terror professor, suddenly became nice to our class until the end of the semester.

July 16, 1990

I was in Grade 1 and we just had our recess and were about to start our English class. Our teacher, Mrs. Dorado who was standing at the front of the class suddenly made the sign of the cross as if she was about to lead a prayer. That's when I realized that there was an earthquake. I remember how Mrs. Dorado calmly lead our class outside the room into the open field. We then went back to our classroom when the tremors stopped. Some of my classmates were crying out of terror. I was just silent , in complete shock of what just had happened. Although we were too young to understand me and my classmates knew that something was not right. Not too long after, I saw my mom and sister outside our classroom to collect me and that was when I felt that I was finally safe.

The recent events in Bohol made me remember those experiences. Coincidentally, last night while I was watching TV Patrol in the internet, the cupboard in my kitchen just suddenly fell with all the sauces and spices spilling on the floor. While I was cleaning all the mess, it occured to me that it was just a minor inconvenience compared to what the people in Bohol is experiencing. I feel a deep sense of regret that I haven't been to Bohol and will never see the famous churches in their original glory. However, I look forward to the day when I can finally travel to that beautiful province and marvel not  only on its rebuilt churches and sights but most importantly, on the rebuilt hopes and dreams of its people.